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Keeping South Island Families Performing for Life

Total Care Is Our Mission

Welcome to Parkway Physiotherapy, Vancouver Island's leading provider and centre-of-excellence for physical care and sports medicine.

That claim is no idle boast. Our patients have come to expect the full gamut of treatments all under one roof. In addition to Physiotherapy Parkway provides the absolute best in; Concussion Prevention and Management (including the ground-breaking CAP4 system), Chiropractic, Athletic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Pelvic Floor Health, Kinesiology, Fitness and Personal Training, Pilates, Mental Health, Strength and Conditioning, Bracing and Seniors' Yoga.

Pushing the Boundaries

But Parkway is so much more than just a one-stop-shop. We harness the full potential of our multi-disciplinary capabilities to provide a unique and holistic approach. Our leadership challenges traditional models for treatment. We encourage and equip our practitioners to excel within and innovate across practice silos when single-discipline techniques would be less effective. For instance, our 'Team Treatment Model' combines Kinesiology with Physiotherapy to produce outstanding results.

Curiosity and keeping an open mind are key to our staff recruitment, professional development, and teamwork, all under the mentorship and guidance of our seasoned senior practitioners. Our patients tell us the results are nothing short of remarkable.

It Takes a Village

This old African proverb about raising a child sums up our patient-focused approach. When patients come under the care of any one of us, they are under the watchful eye of the whole team. They experience this energy and enthusiasm directly in their interactions with us. Other times, it is working behind the scenes - invisible to them, but no less important to delivering the 'Parkway Way'.

In our hands, a treatment or program isn't merely a series of practised steps and techniques carried out by supremely qualified practitioners. At Parkway, science becomes an art when we infuse our technical know-how with complete empathy for patients' underlying needs. Our 'secret sauce' is how we filter our clinical know-how through the lens of this deep appreciation of every patient - as individuals.

Patients who present as clinically similar will otherwise bear no comparison in their life circumstances or personal needs and expectations. We treat the whole patient. Our spotlight on the individual is genuine and total.

You Are the Hero in Your Story

Also, patients are not passive bystanders. They play an active role in their treatment, working with practitioners during and then between sessions, with homework. They know and expect when they come to us that it's not our first rodeo, but to them, it might well be. They will have anxieties and concerns about the process and outcomes. You need to know that you become family when you walk through our doors, and we've got your back. We'll be your confidant, coach, advocate, and cheerleader because without you, there is no us, and no matter how good we are, you are the hero in your story.

When you feel good, we look great! Some might call it 'bedside manner' - we just call it good medicine.

This is our mission and our commitment to you.

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