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We have been working hard to minimize health care interruptions and keep you on track for recovery. Your health is our top priority, and by implementing our TeleRehab Virtual Visit services, you can continue to work with your therapist on your health journey.

There will always remain circumstances where an in-person visit is required. Interestingly research is continuing to show us that VIRTUAL VISITS can address and treat the same needs, and to the same level of care, for MANY conditions that an in-person session can.

Virtual TeleRehab sessions are not hands-on sessions. Assessment is done by watching you move, instructing you to perform special tests to your injury that a physiotherapist or chiropractor would normally perform.

Treatment involves teaching you self mobilization and other treatment techniques, guided exercise, treatment plan progression, and lots of education to manage your injury at home.

Hear Robin and AJ at OCEAN 98.5, chat with JR Justeson on TeleRehab Success

Virtual visit user guide and FAQ click here

ICBC and WCB Claims

For our clients with ICBC and WCB claims we can roll over your plan of care to virtual visits; we will call you to confirm your appointment time.

Extended Health

We are excited to report we can direct bill Great West Life and Medavie Blue Cross. We are pursuing other extended health providers to offer the same service. Give us a call if you have a question about your provider. Manulife and SunLife also agree to cover care.

Private Pay Clients

You too can seamlessly move your appointments to TeleRehab Virtual Visits and continue with your plan of care in the comfort of your own home.

How it Works

All you need is an internet connection, access to a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, and to follow these instructions:

  1. Book your initial assessment by phoning 250-478-7227.

    • An email will be sent to you with a private and secure link. Simply click on the link a few minutes before your appointment

  2. Complete your intake forms. These are conveniently located within the footer on our website, or here: Direct Billing Form, Intake & History, Women’s Health, Worksafe BC and Running Injury Form.  Please take the time to complete the appropriate form(s) before your appointment, so your therapist has more time for you.

  3. Submit your form(s) by email at least one day prior to your appointment.

  4. Please arrive a few minutes early and run a test on your computer. Your therapist will be alerted that you have arrived.

  5. When your therapist is ready, they will welcome you with a live video connection in your private and secure one on one appointment.

    Appointment Checklist

  6. Following your appointment, your therapist will summarize the goals and treatment plan, assist you with booking your follow-up sessions and send you your custom home treatment plan.

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