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Concussion Academy

Concussion Academy at Parkway Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy treatment program designed for people experiencing symptoms post-concussion or post mild traumatic brain injury.

Patients participating will attend the 1 hour class 1x a week for 12-16 weeks. The exercises are set up in a circuit training style format with patients spending 5 minutes at each station. The stations focus on the following skills: vision rehabilitation, vestibular/VOR tolerance, balance and core stability, cognitive/table top activities, cardio and mindfulness/meditation strategies. Improving these skills can be vital to recovery post concussion. This class gives patients the ability to improve these skills along with the chance to interact with others who are also learning how to manage their brain injury symptoms.

This treatment program was modeled after the Brainex90 Outpatient Brain injury program at Parkwood hospital in London, Ontario.

What is a Concussion?

  • Fundamentally, an acute concussion can be viewed as a neurometabolic problem. In other words, a concussion creates an energy crisis in the brain. This is why the first step in recovery is rest and then get to our clinic quickly for an assessment and treatment to reduce potential long-term effects.
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