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On Arrival

When you arrive at the clinic we will have some forms for you to fill out. Although these forms do take 10 to 15 minutes to complete, they provide us with important information regarding your health and the safety of the treatment options available. By providing this information in written format we can then read these important details at a glance and spend more one to one time with you.

For your convenience we have made these forms available online. If you prefer you can print these forms and fill them out at your own convenience then bring them with you upon your arrival. These forms are in the footer (the waving hand icon).

Please bring a comfortable shirt and pair of shorts so as not to imped your assessment.

Committed to You

We understand that you need help now. We’re open six days a week 7 am to 7 pm so we can get you moving as fast as possible.

We know your busy and appointments can be challenging to fit into your busy schedule. We are available at 7 am for early birds and until 7 pm if that works better. We are also open Saturdays for physiotherapy and chiropractic appointments.

We Provide Whole Body Assessments

Sometimes pain and immobility have unexpected causes. We are dedicated to diagnosing, treating and educating you on the root cause of your pain to benefit your long-term health. Each member of our team provides one-on-one focused attention to your needs Let’s fix this thing.

We Get it. We Make it Easy

We have convenient online forms and if you have extended health benefits, we may be able to bill them directly. No paperwork for you. Ask us if we can direct bill your insurance provider.

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